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Sep 25

Daily Pics: Baby Sing-a-long

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Baby Boy O went to his first baby class today – a free baby play time class offered by the Coquitlam public library. What a wonderful way to encourage literacy, expose little ones to reading and a love of learning. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, Poh Poh who was singing her heart out or Baby Boy O who was thrilled to be among other little babies.

We went on our first date night since leaving NYC. It was a marvelous night out where we got to pretend to be normal people who aren’t sleep deprived. Baby Boy O managed to sleep most of the evening, except for a mini meltdown which made poor Poh Poh very sad. Luckily he had lots of grown ups at his beck and call, and Aunty J had the magic touch. All was fine in the end. The balance was restored to the universe.


Baby wearing bear suit in stroller

Cruising to the library


Grandma carrying baby in the library

Big squeeze


Baby in the library

Fascinated by all the books


Bucket of KFC with chips and coleslaw

Lunch at the mall – delicious at the time, regretful later


Uncle and baby on the couch

Full babysitting services – we will come again!


Asian salsa

Date night at the fusion Japanese heavy metal themed restaurant


Sushi roll

How grown up of us!


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