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Sep 26

Daily Pics: Rain Rain Go Away

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

It has rained every day this week, but we’ve been stealing moments out and about where we can. Today’s excursion was to the library (again) and the local mall (again). Baby time was so much fun that we had to drag English Hubby along with us to sing renditions of itsy bitsy spider, twinkle twinkle little star, if you’re happy and you know it, and more. There appears to be a simple formula to writing a nursery song – repetition, make it rhyme and give it a few simple hand actions, then viola, a hit with the under two year old crowd. Thirty minutes of kiddy fun where adults don’t have to hold back their inner child. In that moment the world seems so simple and pure. Then off to the mall to get long overdue new prescription glasses.


Baby in bed

Grandparents wore him out!


Baby lying on grandpa

A perfect cushion for Baby a Boy O, and hot water bottle for Gong Gong


Baby in stroller in front of library sign

Off to the library for baby time


Baby on dad's shoulder looking around

With so many little ones in one room, Baby Boy O is taking it all in


Baby and grandma sitting in library

Sing song and cuddle time with Poh Poh


Baby with frowning face carried by grandma

Hey, these nursery rhymes don’t make sense!


Man pushing stroller in the rain holding umbrella

Rain rain go away…


Baby in car seat in the rain

…come again another day


Chili crab, vegetables, salmon and roast duck dinner

Home cooked happiness


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