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Sep 24

Daily Pics: Food Fest For All

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

The food theme continues. Baby Boy O had his first foray with “solids” (watery rice congee) and we ate our way across Granville Island. Thankfully the weather held up long enough for a walk along the waterfront. Anything to burn off the calories from the fish and chips, spinach and rice pie, fresh beet salad, mushroom and chicken pot pie, snapper stew, apple pie a la mode, mango cheesecake and chocolate desserts. Decadent.


Baby playing with butterfly toy

Morning play with his new favorite toy


Baby and grandpa touching fingers

And his favorite Gong Gong


Baby fallen asleep in Aunty arms

Chilling out with Aunty J


Baby sleeping on blue blanket

Catching some zzzz’s


Grandma at stove cooking baby food

Poh Poh preparing his first meal


Pan with congee cooking

Made with rice, water, mummy’s milk and love


Bowl of congee with orange spoon

First “solids”


Dad holding baby eating first food

So yummy!


Baby wearing bib with food on face

Gimme more!


Handmade local goods sign

Off to Granville Island


Grandparents dad and stroller walking along



Fish and chip camper storefront

On our own foodie and art tour


Granville Island Public Market

Granville Island Public Market


Fresh raspberries

Seeing red



Carrots and lettuce

Fresh and green


Red and green grapes

Nice and sweet


Boxes of loose tea along a wall

Anyone for a cuppa?


Dad and baby having a cuddle

Lunchtime cuddles


Pot pie with salad on a plate

Pot pie feast


Man holding fish and chips

A man eating fish


Apple pie with lots of ice cream

Extra scoops of ice cream because Baby Boy O gave the lady a big smile!


Waterfront dock and bridge

Walk along the waterfront


Seagulls flying up in the sky

Fly away birdies


Boat and ice cream statue

Anyone for ice cream?


Invasive species street art

On the hunt for street art


Face street art

More spottedĀ 


Painted concrete silo art

This is how you turn concrete silos into works of art


Sign that reads come in we're awesome

Yes we are


Three people jumping



Three people jumping



Three people jumping



Walking along wooden path

A nice long walk


Canadian geese on the lawn

Real Canadian geese


Mother and daughter holding onto pole

Mother and daughter pole dancing


Family photo

Family photo


Grandma bathing baby

Bath time after a big day out


Mum feeding baby a bottle

Starting to hold his own bottle


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