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Aug 27

Daily Pics: A Walk Along Perkins Cove

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Traveling in a tiny house in wheels still means household chores. A day of laundry, changing bed sheets, grocery shopping and cleaning was rewarded by an evening walk along Marginal Way near Perkins Cove. We managed to score a couple of insider tips – The Shack is a great place for seafood and parking is free after 6pm. We did keep an eye out for seal pups, but none were to be found. Sigh.


Pile of laundry

Laundry, yuck!


Man pushing stroller at Perkins Cove

My boys, yum!


Blue wooden house with bird boxes

Harbor master’s house


Rocks by the sea

Looking for seal pups


Man walking stroller along beach path

A walk along Marginal Way


Man and baby sitting on seat overlooking sea

Watching the tide roll out


Baby's feet in hands

So very teeny tiny


Beach along Perkins Cove walk

Sunset over the beach


Funny no trespassing sign

Ok, it’s the poison ivy that does it!


Perkins Cove drawbridge

Drawing the evening to a close


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