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Aug 26

Daily Pics: Lobster Rolls

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Every time we ask people what not to miss in Maine, there is one consistent reply – lobster rolls! Plucked fresh from the sea, these tasty morsels are what summer afternoons are about. Bright sunshine, fresh air, delicious chunks tossed in a light mayonnaise sauce, encased in a beautiful lightly toasted bun. People are right. This was the best lobster roll we’ve ever had.

Baby smiling in the morning

Waking up fresh as a daisy


Baby in stroller at Trader Joes

Picking up supplies at Trader Joes


Out door dining at Bobs Clam Hut

An impromptu stop for lunch. Lured in by the promise of lobster rolls


Cute baby sitting on an outdoor table

Waiting in anticipation


Baby looking upward

Baby Boy O is entertained…


Trees and fairy lights

…by trees and fairy lights


Lobster and clam rolls with fries and coleslaw

Heaven on a plate – lobster roll, fried clam strips, fries and coleslaw delights


Big fat smiles from baby

How we felt after lunch!


Sign for York Beach Campground

Our campground near the beach


Short Sands Beach

A short walk to Short Sands Beach


Old car with fishy plates

Seaside town quirks


Bacon dipped in chocolate

Another Maine speciality?!


Lobster roll tshirt

Think we’ll stick to lobster rolls


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