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Aug 28

Daily Pics: Old and New in Maine

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

A day of old and new. New tricks for Baby Boy O who is finally getting the hang of tummy time and lifting up his head. It may be a slippery slope here on in. Rolling, crawling then walking and running is just around the corner. We haven’t quite figured out how to baby proof the RV as yet, so all suggestions are welcome!

A glimpse of old too. Strawberry Banke where the first settlers landed. Named so for the wild strawberries that grew there, and changed later to the more grown up name of Portsmouth. Hard to believe it was once a town that rivaled New York and Boston in terms of influence. How things ebb and flow and change.


Baby on his front lifting his head up

Baby Boy O’s new perspective of the world


Baby in dad's arms

Getting a lift in dad’s arms


Fishing shack in Cape Neddick

Sea shack


Boats resting on the ocean floor in low tide

Waiting for the turn of the tide


Lighthouse on an island

Adding one more picture to the most photographed lighthouse in America – Nubble Lighthouse


Baby sitting with dad on rocks overlooking the sea

Enjoying the morning view


Sign for Warrens Lobster House

In search of more lobsters for lunch


Dining room at Warrens lobster house

Old school dining


Sign for Strawberry Banke Museum

Taking in some history


Old White House with gardens

With a step back in time


Dining room in an old house

Preserved perfectly


View from a window of gardens

Keeping the past alive


Barrel maker with barrel over fire

Traditions continue


Baby with old telephone

Steve Jobs meets Alexander Graham Bell – will Baby Boy O ever know what this is?


Old bicycle in front of store

Things old are often new again. May the cycle continue


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