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Sep 18

Daily Pics: Grandparent’s Day

by in Europe

A year ago we were off to Vancouver to see Gong Gong and Poh Poh for the very first time. Today we make the journey in the opposite direction to London to see Mah Mah and Yah Yah. We thought we had travel arrangements licked with a cunning plan to travel at 5pm, reaching the airport and getting through security by 6.30pm at which time Baby Boy O would sweetly fall asleep allowing us to have a bite to eat before we boarded our aircraft for a 9.30pm departure. The reality was hitting rush hour traffic, getting stuck in the security lines without a family fast lane, then having our flight delayed until 12.30am. The annoying combination of bright fluorescent lights, constant announcements over the speakers and an over tired toddler was a lesson in patience and gratitude. English Hubby kindly reminded us that our slightly diverted travel plans is nothing compared to what the Syrian refugees are going through right now. Keeping it all in perspective.

Baby boy o eating Chinese food

Getting his fill of cheap Chinese


Family selfie

The three of us


Baby boy o in new car seat

Big boy car seat


Baby boy o holding on to pole

Pole dancer


Baby boy o pushing trolley with luggage

Pushing with all his might


Baby boy o pushing luggage

Giving daddy a hand


Baby boy o sleeping on daddy

Sleep attempt #5


Swaddled over dads head

Sleep attempt #9



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