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Nov 29

Daily Pics: Speed Bumps on the Road to Dallas

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. They forgot to mention the speed bumps along the way. Little annoyances that slow you down, scrape the bottom of your car and test your ability to practice mindfulness and compassion. I am pleased to report that we got to Dallas in the end, but only after clearing a few trying hurdles along the way. What hurdles you may ask? Here’s a selection:

  • We discovered our storage unit had a residual oil leak from the previous tenant. Although the manager promised to have it cleaned up before we moved in, it never happened. The last thing we wanted was for our tiny house on wheels, with all the personals we left behind, to smell of oil after three months in an unventilated storage unit. English Hubby came across a fix on YouTube. Cat litter. Yep, sprinkle it on and it soaks up the slick and smells. Cat-astrophe avoided 😉
  • We took Rover to the RV service center to be winterized yesterday. They forgot to drain the pump, which would have frozen over and cracked should the temperatures dip below freezing. A number of calls and an impromptu pit stop back at servicing and it was fixed. Not a biggie, but begs the question why things can’t be done right in the first place. 
  • Just as we were storing the RV, we noticed little mud dauber nests on the struts. Not wanting to come back to an infestation of wasps, we had to destroy their little nests and just hope they don’t return. We could be in for a nasty surprise in three months time, but hey ho.
  • Then after covering 200 miles and arriving at our hotel in Dallas, the front desk informed us there were no more cribs left. What happened to the special request, and phone call to confirm that we had a crib for our seven month old you may ask? A mystery that will go unanswered. 
At the end of the day, speed bumps make the journey memorable. A lot of good things happened too, too many to list without boring everyone to death. 
Cleaning up the RV for storage

The big clean up


Packing up the RV

Packing up our tiny house on wheels


Empty RV fridge

With a valiant effort, we managed to eat most of our food


Couple in front of an RV

Getting nostalgic as one chapter ends and another one begins


High chair and placemats at chick fil a

Brunch at Chick Fil A whilst we wait for Rover to be fixed. So impressed by the high chairs which came with sanitizing wipes and fresh plastic placemats for kids to eat off. So thoughtful and great service


Mud dauber nests

Unwelcome surprise in our storage unit


Man sweeping storage unit

Nothing a broom and a stick could not fix (we hope!)


RV backing into a storage unit

Wide load


RV in storage unit with brake light on

Precision driving


Family at sonic

Mid way pit stop and diaper change at Sonic


Roller skating sign at sonic

With roller skating waiters and waitresses…so very Happy Days


Baby in car seat stretching

We all had a nice little stretch and cuddle


Dallas theme song and skyline

Playing the original theme song…


Dallas skyline at sunset

…as we roll into town


Hilton hotel room

Cribless at the Hilton


Baby sleeping on bed surrounded with pillows

Sleeping amongst a castle of fluffy pillows


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