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Nov 25

Daily Pics: Practicing Mindfulness

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

It’s been eight years since I started practicing meditation. Some days my mind races all over the place like a monkey swinging from tree to tree. Other days, there there are moments of mindfulness and calm. The world seems to be as it is and right here is where I need to be. Nowhere else, nothing else, just here. This morning was one of those days. Baby Boy O and I went for an early morning walk in the cold. He fell asleep, I did nothing but breathe.  

Baby asleep

Sleeping beauty


Carter's store

A sad little outlet mall off the interstate where unloved things sit on shelves. Looking for warm clothes for Baby Boy O


Picnic table by RV

Making phone calls in the sun


Dinner on the grill

The day seems to disappear, and then it is dinner time



Sitting by the fire, red wine, pistachio nuts and sweet potato chips


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