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Nov 24

Daily Pics: Alone at Last

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Having a baby changes you in all the ways you can imagine, and even more the ways you didn’t know to imagine. Sleepless nights, constant feeding and care, crying, diapers, smiles and all that stuff came easily. The harder part is working out how to make this constantly changing symbiotic relationship positive and enriching. When this little being is physically, and if not, then mentally joined at to you at every moment, finding the line between us and me is a see saw that can slope one way more than the other. Equilibrium takes vigilance and effort. Today that see saw got balanced. Driving in the car alone, having time to think (not about Baby Boy O) and doing something for me, and me alone. A long overdue and welcome step in the right direction. 


Baby with spew

Wouldn’t trade him for the world in spite of another round of chunder


Lunch on picnic table in the sun

Lunching in the sun, then off to a Thai massage


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