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Nov 23

Daily Pics: Sunday Afternoon Stretch

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

After what seems like a very long stretch of bad weather, the sun finally broke through. I don’t know how people who live near the poles cope. Darkness, clouds, rain and gloom can really be a Debbie downer. Today it was a sunshine day and we escaped to Sam Houston National Forest for a wonderful leg stretching hike. We were all so glad to be outdoors. Baby Boy O was beside himself, all chatty, his legs kicking and arms waving all over the place. Thankful for a wonderful happy Sunday. 


Baby with rattle ring

Magical moment – morning playtime in bed


Baby and mummy

Went for a morning walk around the campground


Panera bread steak sandwich

Slightly addicted to Panera Bread’s steak and white cheese panini


Sam Houston loop trail

Setting off on the loop trail at Sam Houston National Forest


Sun shining on lake Conroe

Beautiful Lake Conroe. Beware of the alligators


Baby and dad with stick

The cobweb sweeper stick


Family photo in the sun

Sunshine and happiness


HEB supermarket

Another new supermarket chain. One of our last shops as we need to eat everything down before we put Rover in storage


Sunset and moon

Driving back after a long fun day


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