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Nov 28

Daily Pics: Set…

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

In the midst of a packing frenzy. Trying to pack for three months abroad, five countries, seven stops, winter and summer seasons, three people, two bags plus baby gear. Add to that, packing up the RV for storage. As Irish Lass commented on Facebook, such a huge first world problem to have!

As with any challenge, solving it starts one step at a time, and with long lists of things to remember on Evernote – remember to empty rubbish bins, give away condiments and frozen stuff, pack international plugs, passports, print travel insurance docs, pack 6 – 12 month clothes, winter and summer stuff…and the list goes on. Ready, set…


Baby on bed with clothes all around him

One very important thing to pack!


Shoe rack baby clothes holder

Repurposed show rack packing hack


Baby clothes in shoe rack in bag

Rolls up and packs beautifully! And everything is ready to go on the other end


Vietnamese restaurant with green walls

Crappy Vietnamese. Should have known from the green on the walls


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