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Nov 26

Daily Pics: Ready…

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Were getting ready for the next leg of our journey. There are an incredible number of things to think through. What to pack, what needs to be done first, dependencies, contingency, milestones, status reports…hold on wait…slipping back into work mode. Today we planned, ate watermelon and burgers, slipped in a second massage at the great Thai place (little gem in Conroe) and got the storage organized. All in a day’s work. 


Baby eating watermelon

One of his favorites, so far


Thai massage room

Who would have expected to find a traditional walk on your back type Thai massage in Conroe Texas?! Reminds me of the days living in Bangkok 


Five guys burger and fries

Then followed by Five Guys for lunch. Heaven.


Man closing door of RV storage

Storage organized. Rover has a home for the winter 


Baby and mum sitting by the campfire

Baby Boy O’s first campfire


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