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Nov 05

Daily Pics: New Orleans Culinary Experience

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Food can tell you so much about a place, a culture, an history, a moment in time. Which is why one of my favorite ways to experience a new city is to do a food tour and what better place than the melting pot of New Orleans. We learned about Creole and Cajun food, and what differentiates them – sauces, alcohol and tomato – all pointers to the higher brow Creole cooking. We heard stories of how the different settlers of New Orleans and Louisiana – French, Germans, Italians, African, Irish and more – all brought something to the table, adding their own favors to the mix. We saw bread pudding with hard sauce being made, along with gumbo, jambalaya and sweetest of the sweet pecan pralines. New Orleans has been a feast for the senses.


Baby with dog toy

Special delivery all the way from England for Baby Boy O. It talks with an English accent too


Sign for rubys slipper

Breakfast nawlins style with eggs on cochon and biscuits


Grandpa pushing stroller

Exploring on foot


Beer sign

Q&A session


French quarter street

French quarter sightseeing 


Baby biting on hot sauce bottle

Looking to spice things up


Sitting at the table at New Orleans cooking school

Getting ready at the New Orleans cooking school


Hot biscuits

Biscuit starter with sweet molasses


Baby eating biscuits

Everyone got in on the action


Cooking school demonstration

Watching Michael bring it all come together – gumbo, jambalaya, bread pudding and pralines


Spoons of roux

Different shades of roux


Baby with plastic cups on his hands

Keeping himself entertained…for almost three hours 


Pecan pralines

Delectable sweet buttery pecan pralines


Bluegrass buskers

Buskers on Royal St


Not haunted sign

Good to know it doesn’t come with any added extras


Red wall of photos

Next part of the foodie tour in the hallowed dining rooms of Antoine’s


Green dining room

Each Krewe with its Kings and Queens of Mardi Gras


Sandy with shrimp Remoulade

Sandy taking us to try Remoulade shrimp, the German side of New Orleans


Fine dining room

Fine dining in the back room


Mardi Gras ball gowns

Party gal Germaine’s Mardi Gras ball gowns


Grandstand at Antoine's



St. Louis cathedral

Strolling by St Louis Cathedral listening to the jazz


Baby asleep in stroller

Someone held up very well, having been out all day


Tujacques bar

Last stop for beef brisket


Pouring grasshopper cocktails

And world famous grasshopper cocktails (yuck!) 


Dad and baby in over 18 bar

Little rebel


Baby with grandparents in pub

Having a good hard look


Arm in the mouth of an alligator

We’ve taken a bite out of New Orleans, now New Orleans is taking a bite out of me!


Baby looking in the mouth of an alligator

Where’s my mummy?


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