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Nov 04

Daily Pics: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Mah Mah and Yah Yah have arrived after 19 hours in transit. Plans almost foiled by a missed plane connection, a mile long train which stopped strategically so no road traffic could actually pass, and an intricate logistics shuffle to leave the car back at the RV park and get to the hotel in the French Quarter. The good news is that everyone arrived safe and well, Baby Boy O is sleeping like an angel and although we had to wait way too long for our dinner order which subsequently came out cold, the hotel did the right thing and comped us for our meal. Funny how the world always looks better and brighter when you get more sleep. Things are on the up!


Man working on laptop in RV

Busy morning with conference calls, work stuff, digital admin and the usual bill paying madness


Drive by mail boxes

Mail run and spotted the lazy man’s solution


Christmas trees in the department store

Running errands at the mall and noticed Christmas trees. Really? Already?


Baby in car seat in front of hotel with bags in background

Crazy how much stuff is needed for a three night stay


Paddle boat on the Mississippi

View from the 23rd floor of the mighty Mississippi


Baby and mum in mirror

Fluffy robes, white bath, smelly soaps. Happy to be pampered


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