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Nov 06

Daily Pics: Snap Happy in the French Quarter

by in America, Everyday Journeys, US Road Trip 2014

Whilst English Hubby and the In-Laws were off on a cemetery and swamp tour, Baby Boy O and I had a marvelous time wandering around the French Quarter on a photography safari playing with apature, shutter speeds, perspectives and angles. Natasha talked about the ‘establishing shot’, one that gives the audience a sense of place, an understanding of what makes it special, a recognition of newness with a dash of familiarity. It occurs to me that life feels like a series of estsblishing shots. Everyday on our road trip we’ve had to mentally take one to ground ourselves, and at the same time appreciate our new surrounds. 

Beignets and coffee

A delicious way to start the day at Cafe du Monde 


St. Louis cathedral in New Orleans

Situating shot one – St Louis Cathedral, it’s importance accentuated by the sky


Statue of Andrew Jackson on horseback

Our first photography assignment using the light (this one done with an iPhone camera, not the DSLR) 


Photography tour group

Photography safari, a great way to practice photography and have welcome help to push a stroller


Baby asleep in stroller

An absolute angel and the best photography buddy you could ask for. He soon became the subject 


Photography gallery

Taking in the galleries 


Foot massage in New Orleans

And a little break for sore feet


Bluegrass band

Bluegrass beats on Royal St


Baby listening to bluegrass

Listening intently


Streets of New Orleans

Soaking up a sense of place 


Blowing bubbles

Blowing bubbles to the blues


Natchez paddle steamer

Off to dinner on the Natchez paddle steamer


Jazz band

Jazz on the Mississippi


Steam engines on the paddle boat

Powered by Thelma and Louise


Paddle steamer

Pushing forward


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