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Oct 24

Daily Pics: Louisville Surprise

by in America, Everyday Journeys, US Road Trip 2014

Lexington was what we pictured it to be. Louisville was not. It was way cooler! To our surprise there is a great vibe and a laid back feel. As Maria the ex-New Yorker said, “it is a city with small town culture”. Loving Louisville.  


Main Street Louisville

So very Main Street


Airstream coffee trailer

Stumbled upon a pop up space


Pop up food stall behind mound of grass

Hand crafted local beer, pulled pork and more


Lunch in Louisville

Perfect for a bite


People dancing

And an after lunch Nia session


Plants growing in bottles

Green scene



R2D2 came to visit!


Mirror with lots of reflection

Look closely…what do you see?


Solar powered trash cans

What a great idea


Dummy grenade sign

What a dumb idea


Large baseball bat on side of building

Off to the Louisville Slugger factory


Holding Mickey mantles bat

Batter up! Holding Mickey Mantle’s bat


Baseball bat factory

Hands on in the factory


Baby with miniature baseball bat

Little little league


Statue on main st Louisville

Art on the streets


Limo covered in spots



Horse statue with feather boa

Kentucky chic


Baby in stroller giving thumbs up

Thumbs up to the coolest kid in town


Material art

Gallery in C21 hotel


Gallery space in C21 hotel

Hotel with a twist


Family selfie

Modern day family selfie in the elevator bank


Louisville skyline

Louisville skyline


Ohio river

Meeting of the rivers


Muhammad Ali museum

Quick visit to the Muhammad Ali museum



An interesting character


Shadow boxing Muhammad Ali

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee


Yesterday: Year of the Horse

Tomorrow: Kentucky’s Finest




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