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Oct 25

Daily Pics: Kentucky’s Finest

by in America, Everyday Journeys, US Road Trip 2014

Kentucky sure is proud of its bourbon heritage. Two tours and several tastings later I’ve come to intellectually appreciate the art of bourbon making, however the enjoyment of the drink itself still eludes me. Nevertheless loving another glorious day in the sunshine.


Sign for awesome flea market

Hard to resist, but the Kentucky Bourbon Trail awaits


Man and stroller in front of Jim Beam center

First stop, Jim Beam. 95% of the worlds bourbon is made in Kentucky and 50% that comes from here


Man pouring corn into hopper

English Hubby giving them a hand


Bourbon barrels

It’s all about the barrels


Washing bourbon bottle

Giving a hand to wash…


Baby touching bourbon bottle

…and bottle


Bourbon making process

Making this stuff is a piece of cake 


Collage of Jim beam

Thanks to the Beam family 


Standing on the devils cut

Walk in a straight line please ma’am


Kentucky farmland

Back roads


Makers mark distillery

Trying out a smaller distillery


Tour group at makers mark

History lesson 


Stream flowing through makers mark distillery

Beautiful grounds with the right water being the key ingredient


Vat of bourbon mash

A matter of yeasty chemistry


Baby with makers mark label

Baby Boy O having a taste…of the label


Man tasting bourbon

Now for the real taste test, finished off with a chocolate bourbon ball


Makers mark advertisement



Baby kissing mummy

A different sort of cheeky, with a big serving of slobber


Yesterday: Louisville Surprise

Tomorrow: Shoney’s Sunday




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