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Oct 26

Daily Pics: Shoney’s Sunday

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

One of the pleasures of road tripping across America is being able to sample various fast food “restaurants”. Living in New York City quarantines you from the delights of interstate dining where clusters of eateries vie for your dining attention. For miles leading up to the turnoff are signs advertising all you can eat buffets, breakfasts served past noon, crispiest fried chicken with a serving of heart attack. Today we caved and ventured into one we hadn’t dined at before…Shoney’s. 


Baby in PJs in bed

Lazy Sunday morning in bed


Baby smiling

All dressed and ready to go


Baby with apple pieces

But first, an apple snack


RV park

A stroll around the RV parking lot aka campground that was our home for the last three nights


Shoney's restaurant

Sampling the delights of Shoney’s



All you can eat buffet with a tiny salad and tons of fried food


Salad plate

Fairly healthy, minus the fish fry and fried okra


RV in Krogers supermarket carpark

Next a top up at Krogers


Dinosaur by the interstate

Then off to Mammoth Caves National Park…yes, that is a dinosaur by the interstate


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Tomorrow: Mammoth Caves 250 Feet Underground




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