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Oct 23

Daily Pics: Year of the Horse

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Lexington Kentucky is exactly how I had pictured it – long white fences, green rolling hills and lots of horses. Personally I’ve never been a horse person, but one can’t help but appreciate the majesty of these fine creatures when you get to see them up close and personal.


Baby on activity mat

Today’s milestone – his first unassisted forward roll onto his tummy 


Beautiful red tree

Watching the change in season is just beautiful


Champion race horse

Parade of champions – what a way to retire


Sign for da hoss

English Hubby’s favorite


Miniature horse stable

So small we couldn’t even see it


Man and baby watching horse show

Horses of the World show 


Baby and mum on a horse

This one refuses to move!

Baby stroking a horse

Nice and gentle 


Family photo with horse

Horsin’ around


Horse follows baby

She had a little crush on him


Baby laughing in stroller

My little boy, born in the Year of the Horse


Bronze statue of Secretariat

Magnificent creatures, each with their own personality


Plate of KFC

Had to have Kentucky Fried Chicken in Kentucky!


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