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Sep 04

Daily Pics: Picnic by the Pool, Bass Harbor, Cadillac Mountain and Meat

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Seeing the magnificent sunset from the top of Cadillac Mountain has made me wonder how many of these majestic moments do we actually enjoy in our whole entire lifetime? Of course the sun rises and sets each day, but if you were to count up the number of sunrises, sunsets or even picnics that you savor, would they be more than the number of episodes in a season of bad TV?


RV parked in a spot

Our spot at Bar Harbor Campground


Baby on belly looking at Skype

Baby Boy O’s morning chat with grandparents on Skype


View out to sea

Doing some meditation looking out to sea


Picnic by the pool

Lunch time family dip in the pool and picnic


Mum cuddling baby by the pool

…and of course a cuddle



Sign for Bass Harbor

Afternoon hike in Acadia at Bass Harbor


Bass harbor lighthouse

Another lighthouse



Silhouette of dad with sun shining behind

  More rocks to climb


Dad and baby standing on rocks by the sea

My favorite people


View of islands from Cadillac mountain

Then off to Cadillac Mountain to see the sunset


Moon over Cadillac mountain

Half moon rising


View of sunset over sea with dad pushing stroller

Soaking in the sunset all around the mountain


Dad pulling stroller up stairs

Hard work keeping the cover on with strong winds blowing


Beautiful sunset

A gazillion differs colors


Sun setting below horizon

Dropping below the horizon


Sunset with silouhette

Final burst



Sign for Mainely meat



Blueberry beer

Local speciality – blueberry ale


Empty plates

BBQ delights. Polished off 14oz


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Tomorrow’s post: Farewell Acadia, Hello Walmart




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