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Sep 03

Daily Pics: Thunder Hole, Otter Point and Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

One thing we’ve learned when hiking with a baby is to take advantage of the mornings. Baby Boy O is on his best behavior, the day is still mild and you get your pick of parking spots as there are fewer people out and about. We managed to leave the RV just after 9.30am. Wonders will never cease! Today shaped up to be a magnificent sunshine day in Acadia. Complete contrast to yesterday’s fogged in vistas. Out came the umbrella, Singapore style, for shade. Whatever keeps the little one happy and allows us a few more precious moments outdoors.


Beautiful oastline

Acadia in all it’s glory


Baby and dad standing on rocks

Scramble across rocks


Wave at thunder hole

Called Thunder Hole for a good reason


Lone tree by the edge of cliff

Lone survivor


Mum and baby hiking with an umbrella

Hiking Singapore style, bringing our own shade


Shoreline at Otter Point

Beautiful Otter Point vista


Mum and baby at otter point

Baby and me


Lake shoreline

On to Jordan Pond for lunch. Not a bad view


Stroller parked on side of lake

The little one napped through it all


Dad pushing stroller along carriage road

Hike along the carriage road, surprisingly good for strollers


Rocks on mountain

Rocky road


View of lake from mountain

Gorgeous view of Jordan Pond


Mum and baby wearing sunglasses

Way too much sunshine!


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