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Sep 02

Daily Pics: Great Head Trail in Acadia National Park

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

This is what we’ve been longing for. That moment when the proverbial fog lifts and all the planning, saving, packing, moving, fixing and doing finally makes sense. Out the door by 10.30am which is a small feat with a little baby and an even slower English Hubby. On the Great Head trail an hour later. Even though the actual fog never lifted today, Acadia is still a treasure worth seeing.


Acadia national park visitors center

Acadia the great


Dad and baby at beginning of Great head trail

Excited to get on the right path. Baby Boy O grumbled a little then went to sleep in his carrier


Dad with baby hiking through tress

Into the great unknown, praying the little one will cooperate for the next 2 miles


Baby and dad on rocky trail

Climbing steadily


Sign post for great head trail

Fork in the road, follow the blue markers


Baby looking intently

The little one wakes and soaks up the surroundings


Fallen tree over great head trail

Loving the trees that come in all shapes and sizes and angles too


Family standing near edge of bluff

Don’t step back!


Fog covered ocean view

Seeing through the fog


Pine tree standing by edge of cliff

Standing tall against the elements


Beach with still water reflecting the landscape

Leading to Sand Beach


Man walking through grass path toward beach

Walking the path to the ocean


Family standing on beach in Acadia

We made it!


Small birds on sand beach


Baby with puzzled look on face

Now that we’ve finished the hike, where’s my milk reward?


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