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Aug 31

Daily Pics: Long Walks in Owl’s Head and Rockland

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

It has been said for every long journey there are many small steps. Today Baby Boy O took a giant leap – his first full hike in his baby carrier. He pushed past the magic 10 minute mark and managed the head strength and willingness to join us for a proper little hike. Hopefully a good sign of things to come!


Yoga mat by the pool

Another small step – morning yoga by the pool


Owls head state park sign

Exploring the mid-coast


Dad with stroller on a gravel path

Going for a stroll


Beach at Owl's Head state park

Where the land meets the sea


Dad pushing stroller up a ramp

Up to the lighthouse


Steps leading to a lighthouse

Steps ahoy


Red steps

The workout continues


Man standing next to lighthouse light

Shining steadily over time


Baby in a front facing carrier

Baby Boy O’s first official hike…back to the car


Burger with pickle

Stopping at the Owl’s Head General Store for a burger voted the best in Maine


Baby in car seat

So exhausted after his first hike


Sign with puffin information

Learning about puffins in Rockland


T-shirt with stud puffin written on the front

Adorable creatures


Main Street with movie theatre

Main Street Rockland


Baby in a carrier

Prepping for hike #2. All refreshed post nap and feed


Baby and dad walking along path by the sea

Off to the second lighthouse of the day


Baby and dad walking on Rockland breakwater

Rockland Breakwater goes a mile out to sea


Granite stones

Skipping across big granite stones


Lighthouse at the end of the Rockland breakwater

Making it out to the lighthouse…


Mum, dad and baby at end of breakwater

…for a victory family selfie…


Dad and baby celebrating

…making it back to shore. Baby Boy O was such a trooper, with only a few tears at the end


Dinner of turkey and apple meatballs and mixed vegetables

Exhausted, happy and hungry by the end of the day


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