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Jul 01

Color Splash

by in Everyday Journeys

A lovely day off to spend with Little Boy O and our new Nanny T. Almost a year back at work and over the last three weeks we’ve learned a few important lessons. Firstly, no matter what when we pull together as a family we will get through it. A big thanks to Mah Mah for uprooting herself to come play with this little pickle. Secondly, always get an ‘in case of emergency’ number. Thirdly, remember and have faith that everything is always working out for us. 


Toddler with roo bag on back

Off to KV with favorite roo bag


Toddler playing at red water table

Water table fun


Toddler painting on blue wall

The don’t call it Color Splash for nothing


Toddler with color sponge

So proud of himself


Toddler at playground with nanny

More splish splash fun whilst mummy and Mah Mah get a mani pedi


Toddler with nanny in hallway

Hallway soccer on a rainy day


Alphabet on carpet

Spelling bee fun







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