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Jan 03

The New Normal

by in Everyday Journeys

Our neighbor came round tonight to use our spin cycle, have a glass of wine and chat. The New Normal was a phrase she heard at a yoga class. The notion that someone jogging 40 years ago would make people wonder who they were running from, yet today we don’t even bat an eyelid. It seems we have slid into a new normal. Early mornings, picking up food thrown on the floor, tidying up toys strewn all over the living room, out for a walk before a meltdown occurs, playgrounds, groceries, errands, admin, cook, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat.

It all seems monotonous when it is written down or said out loud, but here is a beautiful simplicity in what my life has become. I like the predictability. I like knowing where I am and what comes next. I like the freedom it gives me to enjoy the moment as it is. Soaking up every ray of sunshine as it bounces off Baby Boy O’s gleaming smile. Enjoying time on the couch with English Hubby. Simple. Normal.


Baby eating squeeze pack

What an amazing 90 weeks!


Baby drawing monkey with crayons

Drawing his beloved monkey


Window sill

A moment of quiet


Baby in orange puffer jacket at park

Play time at the playground


Baby at playground

Big world for a little boy


Thank you letters

So many presents, so many thank yous



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