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Sep 19

Daily Pics: Hello England

by in Europe

Given the little one was so very tired and so very thrown off schedule, he was a good as could be expected on the flight. Lady Luck was on our side. We moved from bulkhead seats to a three seater row, long enough for Baby Boy O to stretch across and catch some shut eye. Mummy on the other hand dozed fitfully, worried her little dumpling would roll off the seat and onto the floor. Note to self: need to buy another seat for upcoming trip to Australia!

Our little traveler adjusted beautifully. Nothing like sunshine and a walk to the playground to reset the circadian rhythm. He was having fun with Mah Mah and Yah Yah who broke out all the old toys to his delight. I get the sense that someone is going to get spoilt rotten over the next week. Grandparent's prerogative!


Safety is his first priority


Plane plane


Hello England


Hello Yah Yah!


Recycle...daddy's toys


Playing with Yah Yah


Off to the playground


Monkey has seen better days


Leaf with a view


Daddy's playground





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