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Jul 06

Daily Pics: IKEA Torture

by in Everyday Journeys

They say one person's heaven is another's hell. I love assembling furniture, playing with power tools and McGyvering a fix. So today was four hours well spent, resulting in a six-dresser drawer. English Hubby however prefers white collar labor, his tools of trade include a keyboard and mouse. His only consolation is that the flat pack didn't contain a gazillion pieces and take eight hours to assemble like our last foray with a desk. You can see who has the callouses in this family!


IKEA furniture

Laying it all out


IKEA furniture

Strutting our stuff


English hubby with IKEA furniture

Man at work


English hubby with IKEA furniture

Earning his keep


Trapped in a corner

No way out


English hubby with power tool

Power (tool) has gone to his head




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