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Apr 03

Hello Arizona

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Farewell New Mexico, hello Arizona. Our westward journey continues with a surprise lunch time find in Benson – delicious Mexican enchiladas and frajitas. Baby Boy O enjoyed the steak putting his newly emergent teeth to work. We are now in Tucson working out our game plan for this weekend's activities. So much to do and see.


Dad and a baby boy o in bed playing

Playtime in bed


Dust storm sign

This could get interesting


Road sign for Tucson

Heading to Tucson for the weekend

Road sign for Arizona

Land of the stop and frisk


Mi casa restaurant

Mi casa sous casa

Baby boy o and dad at lunch

Hungry hippos


Sizzling frajitas

Sizzling frajitas


Saucy enchiladas

Saucy enchiladas


Baby boy o excited

Someone spies a present...


Daddy with a ball

...from mummy and daddy


Baby boy o so happy with his new ball

Best thing ever!



First glimpse of Tucson


Sunset from barbed wire fence

Sunset from the RV park, where geriatrics and their parents stay





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