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Apr 10

Daily Pics: Zoom Zoom Zoom

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Six more days till our little baby turns one. As a special treat Aunty Ems let him open his very first present. He was stoked. His chubby little fingers mauled the cars. Great entertainment as we repacked Rover to head off for a weekend in Tucson. A welcome break from a few days of intense work. How is it that we still don't have enough time in a day?!

Present wrapped in dinosaur

Every little boy's dream


Present tag from Aunty Ems

Thank you Aunty Ems!


Baby boy o looking at car present

What is this?!


Baby boy o playing with toy car

Is that how it works?


Toy car

Zoom zoom zoom


Baby boy o looking through the window

Peekaboo from our little house in Scottsdale. Little eyes watching us pack


Driving in rover

Road trip!


Mountain view

Back in familiar territory


Sitting outside with Mah Mah

Taking Mah Mah to Catalina State Park


Me and baby boy o

Dancing cheek to cheek


Stripping baby outside

No room for modesty!


English hubby giving baby boy o bath and squirting boat

Bath time fun!



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