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Apr 30

Daily Pics: Time

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

We received some news today. The type of news where from that moment onward everything changes, yet everything is as it is and still stays the same. Life plays on. Sadness descends, only to the kept at bay by remembering how fortune has smiled on all of us and still continues to do so. How lucky we have been to have time and to have spent it wisely, without regret. For it is the only currency that cannot be earned back, traded or bought.


Skype with Sevenoaks

News no one wants to hear


Baby boy o and monkey

Bonding with monkey


Undercover RV storage

A place out of the sun


RV storage

Rover's temporary home


In and out burger joint

Old time burgers


In and out burger and fries

English Hubby's favorite


Seal coming off RV

Coming apart in more ways than one


English hubby fixing seal

Some things can be fixed


Smiling baby boy o

Moments like this add up to a life well lived


Dinner outside

Dinner Al fresco


Skype with mum

So far, yet so close


Us together

So much to be grateful for



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