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Apr 13

Daily Pics: Tax Time is So Taxing

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Every year it is the same mayhem. Receipts lost, statements missing, manual data entry and books aren't the only things to be unbalanced. Why in the age of Quicken, expense tracking apps and downloadable data are we still in this pickle? Because English Hubby is old school. I'm surprised the quill and ink has been retired. I've managed to extract a promise that next year shall be more straight through processing. The efficiency consultant in me is pleased with that acknowledgement. The cynic in me will wait 365 days to see.


Awake early and walking

Mr Early Riser


Morning walk with mah mah

Off for a walk with Mah Mah


Apple snack time

Snack time


Baby boy o with food all over face

Lunch time


Tax time work

Tax time


Toy cars in boxes

Car smash up


Baby boy o and deadly swimming

Highlight of the day


Elvis impersonator

Smallest Elvis impersonator ever


Ice cream truck



Walking around the coffee table

I want to play, not sleep!



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