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Apr 14

Daily Pics: Stand And Be Counted

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

All Baby Boy O wants to do is be on his feet. Holding his walker toy, lapping the coffee table clockwise then anti clockwise. It's fascinating watching his skills progress and the lightbulb go on in his head as he connects the dots. Makes me realize how much we take for granted as the synapses preprogrammed over the years fire on autopilot. Imagine having to relearn all of that again? We are no match for a baby.


Light switch

Mastered the light switch!


Mah mah holding baby boy o as he walks

Speedy Gonzales


Happy feet

So happy to be on two feet


Grabbing newspapers

Nothing is safe


Backyard pool

Breaking Bad backyard


Baby boy o with backward cap

Yo Yo Baby Boy O in da house!


Touching pink flower

Pincer fingers strike again


English hubby pool boy

Pool boy


Swim time not so keen

Not as keen today


Baby burrito

Baby burrito


Carrot and prune muffins

Healthy birthday carrot and prune muffins



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