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Apr 05

Daily Pics: Saguaros and Old Tucson

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Saguaros are majestic. They stand tall and proud, growing inch by inch every year. The Native American people believed that they were once people, from the earth and of the earth. To be treated with utmost respect. The unbreakable circle of life, for one day we too will return to the earth to rest.


Baby boy o Easter egg

This is all I get for an Easter egg?


Road to saguaro national park

Off to Saguaro National Park



Zola the tarantula


English hubby walking along the road

Walking the road after Guardian Angel Mike warned us about rattlesnakes


Kings canyon trail

Setting off on the trail


Yellow desert wildflower

Burst of yellow


Desert prickly plant

Beautiful and dangerous


Red flowering cactus

Flowering cactus


English hubby on kings canyon trail

Starting to warm up


Kings canyon desert view

Not a bad dessert view


Pink desert flowers

Blush and bloom


Purple wild flowers

Wildflowers everywhere


Desert selfie

My little desert trekker


Saguaro with two blooms

Which one is female...


Saguaro with one bloom

...and which one is male?!


Yellow cactus flowers

Yellow and prickly


English hubby hiking ahead in the desert

Full steam ahead


English hubby hiking over a hill

Over the hill and far away


Thorny desert flower

Thorn in the side


Cactus shaped like a heart

Prickly love


Six saguaros

Saguaro family


English hubby hiking on kings canyon trail

Beautifully raw landscape


Prickly cactus

Up close and personal


Pineapple cactus

I spy a pineapple


Hairy cactus

Hairy old man cactus


English hubby hiking up to peak

Heading toward the peak against the two hour time limit


Weathered bones

Weathered tree bones



Amazing cactus, over 100 years old


Cactus valley

Into the valley


Old tucson

English hubby going under duress


Gun slinging

Gun slingin'


Lasso cowboy

Lasso whipping Loop Rawlins



Anyone for ribs?!


Old Tucson movie set

Cowboy movie set



Little madam


Goat and horse

Petting zoo


Costumed woman

Step back in time


English hubby in a horse thief coffin

Too tall for a horse thief


Cuddle with mummy

Afternoon cuddle time


Sun setting through the tree

Awesome campsite at Catalina State Park


Mountains at Catalina state park

Perfect view of the mountains


Baby boy O walking on picnic table

Picnic table catwalk


Sun setting out the mountains

Sun setting


Star app

Looking over the night sky



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