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Apr 11

Daily Pics: Rock Art

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

English Hubby met someone who had a theory that ancient rock art may not have the awe inspiring meaning we sometimes attribute to it. Rather, it may just be as simple as a few bored kids told to go outside of the cave to play, having a bit of fun graffiting the neighborhood, leaving tags all over the place! I think regardless of the reasons why people choose to draw and write, there is something endearing about putting your thoughts out there and creating something to last. It is a way of transporting ideas through time and space. Whether it be ancient rock art or more modern forms of expression like blogging, storytelling ignites the imagination and connects people together.


Baby boy o with plastic container

Cheeky little guy


Family selfie

Hiding from the sun


Talking to national parks guide

Learning more about the desert


English hubby protecting private parts

Trying to protect private parts from a very excited little boy


Getting lift from park ranger

Getting a lift back from the ranger


Going on a hike

Off for a short hike


Prickly pear flowers

Blooming beautiful


Petroglyphs and fighter jet

Ancient and modern. Petroglyphs and fighter jets


English hubby on stairs.

Trying to cover up the warning sign



Cacti caucus


Stay off rocks sign

Between a rock and a hot place


Dear rock art

Oh dear


Spiral rock art



English hubby and mah mah

Belated Mother's Day cuddles


Rock art on stone

The original tablet


Mexican lunch

Late lunch


Cheese crisp

Glad we're hungry


Baby boy o playing with activity center

Another rendition of old McDonald had a farm...enough already!



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