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Apr 29

Daily Pics: Not a Day Over 55

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Arizona is a snowbird retirement mecca, and finding an RV park that caters to the under 55 crowd is as easy as putting an octopus in a string bag (as Reader likes to say). Lucky for us, English Hubby has lovely salt and pepper colored hair, and many places tend to take a don't ask, don't tell approach, so we haven't yet been carded or denied. According to Jim, these RV resorts get quite wild in the Winter. Good to know we have something to look forward to!


Rice pot

What's cooking?!

Indian curry

Loving last night's leftovers


Laundry in stroller

Babe doing laundry


Washing up

More washing up


Baby boy o and box

Playing outside the box


Chicken thighs

Meal prep, thank you Real Simple!


Park models

Trailer trash or park models


Palm tree

Palm tree street


Golf carts

Rush hour at the activity center



Two sessions!


Resort living

Resort living


Swimming pool at monte vista

Not bad at all



Kitchen drumming


Baby boy O with green bowl on head

Funny boy!


Biting dog

Not quite getting the concept of giving Spot a kiss


Site 1423

Farewell 1423


Safeway trolley

Going for a spin around Safeway



Cruising with a melon


Casa grande

Casa Grand not Grande


Baby boy o smiling

Post office smiles


USPS boxes

Picking up a few more boxes

Pool instructions

We're definitely hanging with the over 55 crowd



Been spoilt at Monte Vista



Baby Narcissus smacked his head trying to touch his reflection



Nothing like an afternoon bubble blowing session



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