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Apr 27

Daily Pics: Monte Vista

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

I've grown quite fond of Monte Vista Resort and our little routine here. Baby Boy O and I go for our morning walk to Safeway. He falls asleep, I grab a freshly made green tea and peach drink at Starbucks, with an Asiago and jalapeño bagel, and I work on my book. We pick up lunch, head back to meet with English Hubby who would have finished his morning calls. We get what we can done with the little one in tow, trying to slide in a meditation session or gym workout, and then four o'clock swimmy swimmy time rolls around. We splash, we download, we head back and bathe the boy who is worn and ready for bed. Over the last week and a half we've fallen into a nice rhythm. Enjoying it whilst it lasts.


Baby boy o walking with toy

Morning activity, a stroll around the RV


Walk past tennis courts

Going for a walk


Safeway starbucks

I'll have the usual

Working at Starbucks

Work station


Snack at Starbucks

After nap snack


Baby boy o with Mesa locals

Chatting with the locals


Fork in the road

Fork in the road



Hummingbird song


Pool at monte vista

Missing this already


Baby boy o with Starbucks cup

The American side of him. Will have to show him what good coffee really is!



RV delivery


Napping with daddy

Afternoon nap with daddy


Mum and baby swimming

Swimmy swimmy time


Cuddles in the pool

Splashy splashy

Kisses in the pool

Kissy Kissy


Baby boy o dinner by the pool

Dinner by the pool


RV cover in box

Packing up is starting to feel real now




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