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Apr 09

Daily Pics: Long Time Between Lychee Martinis

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

First adult only date night in a very long time. Mah Mah was kind enough to look mind Baby Boy O whilst he was sleeping, allowing us to escape for a few hours into the hot bed of fast cars and fake blondes that is the Entertainment District of Scottsdale. Armed with Yelp we decided to brave a sushi fix in the middle of a desert. It all worked out well with a delicious dinner, minus the wasabi laced sushi. All until the clock struck quarter to eleven and we turned back into pumpkins summoned home by a phone call from Mah Mah to a crying baby.


Bum shuffle start

Started off here...


Bum shuffle 2

...and ended up here, with tears because he was moving the wrong way!


Baby boy o eating blueberries and watermelon

Breakfast buffet

Scottsdale apartments under construction

Cowboy apartments


Scottsdale road

Road to entertainment and fashion districts


English hubby and Baby boy o having fish lunch by pool

Poolside lunching


Night time silouhette

The night is young, with a rogue parking ticket to come


Lychee martini

Way too long between lychee Martinis





Sashimi more




And more fish


Salmon carpaccio with truffles

Carpaccio with truffles


Braised beef

Braised beef goodness


Chocolate lava cake

Desert courtesy of our sushi chef, making it up for the wasabi incident


Check at sushi roku

Omakase surprise


Tacky bars

Getting way too old for public selfies



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