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Apr 23

Daily Pics: Full Time Mummy

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

It is a tough job being a full time mummy. Baby Boy O is going through a barnacle phase, where he is stuck to me like glue. Half a foot away is a little to distant. Poh Poh says its a sign of how much he loves us and how deep that attachment is. We are searching for a nanny and all I can hope for is an angel sent down from the heavens to help us look after our little one. He/she will have to have the patience of a saint. Funny thing is we've not had one male applicant. Where are all the real men? Scared to step up to the plate?!


Superhero baby

What's your superpower?!



Finger eating

Eating with his fingers


Fork eating

Mastering a fork


Exploring cupboards

Exploring every nook and cranny


Button pusher

Pressing all the buttons


Pushing his walker

Watch out! Here he comes!


Baby bundle

My little bundle


Mummy's angel

Sweet little angel



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