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Apr 12

Daily Pics: Cooling Off

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

We took Mah Mah to see all the unique sights that Arizona had to offer. Museums, art galleries and the outdoors are so overrated. Instead we visited In and Out Burger, UHaul RV Storage and a supermarket on the way back to Scottsdale. Crying baby most of the way, and temperatures rising high. Thankful for Mah Mah's great idea to go for a swim to cool off.


Mah mah and baby boy o in bed

Snuggling up in bed


Space cadet

Cry baby space cadet



Visiting all the glamorous places


In and out

Panda Express or In and Out?


RV storage

Sussing out some storage for rover


Mah mah and baby boy I

Cooling off in the pool


English hubby and baby boy o in Scottsdale pool

Much needed giggles



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