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Apr 06

Daily Pics: Biosphere 2

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Visiting Biosphere 2 makes me realize that we know so very little about the world in which we live, yet our actions and decisions are based on imperfect snippets of data that we extrapolate and codify and then etch into stone. We think we know more than we really do. We think we can control and predict, yet all we seem to be doing is shift a delicate balance further out to the edges where implications and consequences that were once inelastic become elastic and magnified in its environmental impact. Biosphere 2 is a poor but necessary replication of the original biosphere 1, the Earth. Poor because we can never replicate the complex systems that nature has evolved, not even with half a billion dollars and counting. Necessary as it is the closest thing we have for research and testing, the collection of data which fuels the computer models that fan the flames of our understanding of the very fragile planet we live on.

It occurs to me that the biggest mistake we can make is to think we can definitively know something. When we fall into that trap we shut the door on inquiry, we blind ourselves to the possible yet less probable, we stop reconizing that error allows us to grow and learn, and we fool ourselves into a false sense of security.


Baby boy o with bed head

Serious bed head


English hubby exercising on picnic table

Picnic table cum bench press


Baby boy o playing in RV with toys

Play things


Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2


Glass wall of biosphere 2

An engineering marvel

English hubby and baby boy o on biosphere 2 tour

Youngest biospherean in the group

Airlock door

Pneumatically sealed


Biosphere ocean

Simulating the earths oceans


Rainforest room

Rainforest room


Plastic garbage in ocean

What are we doing to our world?

Fire extinguisher sign

Anyone want to reach for the fire extinguisher?


Desert room

Simulating a desert (located in a desert...the irony)


Rock to soil experiment

Rock to soil experiment, break it down


Girl getting a little handsy with baby boy O

Get your hands off my boy young lady!


Biosphere lung

Expandable lung capacity of the biosphere


Walking in a tunnel

Getting deep down into the technosphere


Biosphere lung

Metal and rubber lung, so the heat expanded air doesn't make the biosphere explode


Outside the biosphere

Imagine spending two years sealed away


Highway roadside fire

We need that fire extinguisher now


Baby boy o holding oranges

Helping with the grocery shopping


Mah mah arriving at Phoenix airport

Welcome Mah Mah!



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