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Apr 25

Daily Pics: A Mighty Big Thump

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Huffington Post published “10 More Realistic Milestones For Your Baby Book” and we just ticked off number one (again) today. Baby Boy O was sleeping soundly in the middle of the bed. Thirty minutes later we heard an almighty thump and a fractionally delayed wail. My heart truly stopped for a second. Running back into the RV not knowing if my little boy is okay. The thought of him hurt weighs so heavy. I cannot even imagine the pain of families in Nepal who have lost their dear ones. How precious our human lives are.

Opening the hatch

Learning something new


Baby boy o breakfast sunshine

Our little ray of sunshine


Large flat rate box

Starting to think about packing...the end of the road trip is nigh


Baby boy o sleeping

Sleeping beauty


Shoes flung

An almighty thud, shoes flung off as I run into the RV


Family hug

Ok after cuddles and tickles

Baby boy o practicing his walking

Back to normal, diligently practicing his walking


Cheeky little smiler

Back to his cheeky self


English hubby with ipad

Off to lunch, but someone is addicted to bandwidth


Using free wifi

Things we do for free wifi


Disgusting pizza

Regretful pizza lunch. Never again, Peter Piper Pizza. What were we thinking?!


Baby boy onetime watermelon

Delicious watermelon


Gym workout at monte vista resort

Sneaking in a gym work out


Laundry day

In between loads of laundry


Scrawl look

His WTF face


Kale dinner

Much needed healthy dinner



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