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Apr 24

Daily Pics: A Good, Good Day

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Today has been a good day. Rain clouds came, gave a light sprinkle to wash away the dust, and things are a little clearer now. Our little threesome has found its groove and in this moment it feels good. Our nanny interviewing came to a close and we have three strong, yet very different candidates. Our neighbor, Psych Adam, wrote an article with five tips to handle transitions. We are doing all of them to varying degrees – mindfully anticipating what we may feel when the transition occurs, and anticipate how we feel. Check. Ask for help. Check, check. Keep a routine, sort of check. Know where you are going and keep things in perspective, barely check. Go easy on yourself, must remember to check. Things are a changing, and it has been a good good day.


Baby boy o tearing tissue in bed

Tearing it up


Baby boy o in stroller at Mesa resort

Morning nap walk


Rain clouds

Threatening clouds. Nice to have a bit of rain to clear away the dust


Safeway grocery

Our usual Starbucks writing table and Safeway stop

Picnic in front of RV

Concrete picnic


English hubby giving baby boy o some lunch

Lunching away


Baby and dad plane spotting

Plane spotting


Comparing watermelons

Who is bigger?

Naked bib look

Setting a new trend in baby ware

Bunny under the RV

Back from a quick Fitstar workout. Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with B


Boys reading

Big brains at work


Laptop with nanny interview

Interviews continue, last one done


Nanny list

Shortlisted from over 140 applicants

English hubby holding baby boy o in the pool

4 o'clock swim time again



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