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Apr 04

Daily Pics: A Desert Surprise

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

I had never thought much about deserts until today. Who knew something so seemingly inhospitable and hostile could be a thing of raw beauty and abundance. Plants, animals, birds and all manner of creatures seem to grow and thrive. They adapt in glorious ways. Adaptation is a skill. Change can be a gift. We booked our flight back to New York City last week. May 11 to meet up with Squee and Fatty Patty. But in truth I have been apprehensive and torn about returning back to the fold. It wasn't until this evenings conversation with Big Red that I surprised even myself. I had a game plan, a spark, a thing of raw beauty and abundance. It had been there all along, and all I had to do was hear myself say it out loud.


Baby boy o with Apple

An apple a day


Road sign for the desert museum

Heading to the desert museum


Yellow desert trees

Burst of color


Red flowering cacti

Beauty in the raw


White car advertising desert museum

Desert ark


Lizard sitting on rock

Hidden in plain sight

Bird into of prickly cacti

Standing tall even on a prickly surface


Desert museum loop

Doing the half mile loop


Bee stack

Condos for bees, sort of like NYC, rooms with a view


Desert scape

Peaceful, calm and open


Baby boy o looking over at little girl

Flirting with a girl way too old for him



Bob the bobcat


Falcons on cacti

Falcon landing


Two Falcons flying

Falcon free form


Up close cacti

Up close and prickly


Red desert plants

Nature's garden


Cacti sprouting

Sprouting out


Cacti standing straight and tall

Straight and tall


Javelina resting in shade

Don't call me a pig, I'm a javelina


Baby boy o with big smile

Best smile in the world


Desert family selfie

Desert selfie


Prairie dog

Fascinated with the prairie dogs


I'm watching you!


Cactus spikes

Getting stuck into cactus


Baby boy o looking at fish

Baby boy o loves fish


Yellow fish

Finding Nemo


Rollercoaster road back

Rollercoaster road


Tra-tel RV park

Catching up on news with Big Red


English hubby with happy face grilling

Happy grilling


Blueberry pie and ice cream

American as blueberry pie



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