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Dec 15

Daily Pics: Visitor From Berlin

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Last year Schoosching and Scoobes came to New York to Christmas with their very pregnant sister. This year we have the pleasure of seeing Schoosching in England for some very special Aunty bonding time. Family bonds flex and bend, but they can never be broken. Seeing my sister in her own skin, with her nephew, is just so beautiful. A precious gift. 


Baby in high chair eating watermelon

Building up his energy for a very special visitor


Aunty and baby meeting at the gym

Quick session at the gym where we bump into another Aunty!


Sevenoaks church

A walk through town to give the little one a nap


Woman with cupcakes

Spoilt for choice over lunch 


Baby and Aunty saying hello

He finally wakes to say hello to Aunty Schoosching 


Woman and baby with wooden spoon in mouth

Sharing a wooden spoon moment


Baby lying on woman sitting on couch

Who’s this person who looks like my mummy?


Woman carrying cute baby

Off for an afternoon walk into town


Baby standing in supermarket

Having fun in Tescos


Baby on checkout conveyor belt

Price check on aisle nine

Husband with beer

Grandparents babysitting whilst we chow down on curry


Man with beer

With Ruff Fred


Sister with beer

And Schoosching


Curry dishes on table

Superb meal at The Spice Club


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