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Dec 14

Daily Pics: It’s Starting To Feel A Bit Like Christmas

by in Europe

I read on a Facebook post a great piece of advice – before you speak ask yourself: Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary? A good little reminder when you’re sleep deprived with a crying baby at three in the morning. After a slow start to the day, we managed to swing into gear and slide into that familiar ‘lead up to Christmas’ feeling. Another lovely roast lunch, followed by hot footing back to Sevenoaks for carols. Made it by the skin of our teeth, and Baby Boy O didn’t fail to impress as the prize pony of the night. 


Baby with water bottle

Slow start to the day


Baby eating apple

Lunch time munchies


Toy lamb on bar

Is this wrong given our delicious lamb roast last night?


Two glasses of red wine

Don’t mind if I do…it’s past noon


Drawing by Isabelle

Thank you Sweet Isabelle


Letter from Isabelle

From a secret admirer 


Roast beef lunch

A rare roast. Feeling so very thankful


Man and daughters

Doctor Dorling and girls doing a brilliant (and coincidental) Despicable Me impersonation


Despicable me

Look familiar? Minus the minions 


Double decker busses on Oxford street

Google map’s directions


Christmas decorations on bond street

Through the busy streets of London


London streets

At prime shopping time 


Nelson's column

Touring all the historical sights


Tower of London

By car…


Man driving in car

…as we hot foot it back to Sevenoaks


Hall with chairs for Christmas carols

Making it back in the nick of time for Christmas carols


Baby touching mayors necklace

Touching Mayoral bling


Baby listening to Christmas carols

Joining in with the sing-a-long


Baby playing with a wooden spoon

Playing his favorite instrument


Baby carried by dad at Christmas carols

Being a little social butterfly 


Baby in Christmas outfit

Who’s excited about Christmas?!


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