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Dec 04

Daily Pics: Swimming and Bouncing

by in Europe

You know when you are a citizen of the world when you meet up with old friends from Canada, in England. Through the magic of Facebook Curly Sue and I realized that we would be a short number of miles from each other, which called for nothing less than an international play date at the local swimming pool, followed by a fish and chip (and mushy peas) pub lunch. 


Baby and lady

After being rescued from his first crèche session, we bump into Our Edna


Baby on pool change table

Hats off to the Sevenoaks Leisure Center for being so very baby and family friendly


Baby in stroller with toddler friends

Totally wiped after a swim in the toddler pool


Girl with ham and egg and chip lunch

Anyone for green ham and eggs?


Two babies in high chairs with snacks

Baby Boy J is wondering why his mum gave away his snacks


Two babies facing each other

Face off, David v Goliath


Stroller in between car seats

Why is everything so small in this country?!


Baby with Pom Pom ear hat

My little bear


Baby in a bouncer watched by grandparents

Trying out Aunt Susan and Uncle Bryan’s Christmas present


Baby in bouncer smiling

Bouncing fun


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