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Dec 03

Daily Pics: Sevenoaks

by in Europe

Not too bad a night considering we’ve just crossed the Atlantic. Baby Boy O is being thoroughly spoilt with kisses and cuddles from Mah Mah and Yah Yah. Not to mention a whole new winter wardrobe, some of which our tiny little one will have to grow into, and a big bag of toys from Cape Town Harry. Most excited of all was Aunty Ems who could not wait to come over for lunch. We tried to surprise her at the Stag, but she was so excited that she left work early. Luckily we caught up with her down the lane. Unluckily she ended up in quarantine at home with shingles. 

Be by and grandma

Good morning Mah Mah


Baby in snow suit

Snug as a bug in a rug for our stroll around town 


Woman walking down Sevenoaks lane

Catching up with Aunty Ems


Baby with new toys

So many new toys…what to play with first?! Thanks for the loan Cape Town Harry


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