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Dec 02

Daily Pics: Out With the Old, In With the New

by in Europe

We survived Baby Boy O’s first trans Atlantic flight. He was a superstar sleeper, in spite of the bright cabin lights that American Airlines liked to imbue upon him. Dear Yah Yah was waiting for his precious cargo at Heathrow. We have learnt that it is best to de-plane last to avoid the mad rush. That being said, we did manage to leave one item of luggage unclaimed at the baggage carousel, only discovering that it was missing when we went to look for Baby Boy O’s toys. 

There was much excitement back at Sevenoaks. A grandson for the Christmas holidays is what Santa delivered. English Hubby however didn’t waste much time before he started his program of decluttering. Yah Yah’s collection of old canal boating magazines didn’t stand a chance. Shelves of old electronics were cleared, that being said relics like the old Spectrum computer have somehow become retro and valuable. 

Baby and grandad on couch with toy

Hanging out with Yah Yah


Lunch with family

Lunch spread at Sevenoaks


Baby eating cucumber

Cucumber fingers


Old programming book

English Hubby’s geek books



You know you’re a child of the 80’s when…


Atari joystick

…you know what this is for


Atari games

Classic or junk?


Installation hard disks

Old skool days before the internet and cloud. These could make great coasters!


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