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Dec 19

Daily Pics: Prize Pony

by in Europe

Our little prize pony did so very well today. He had a lovely time meeting cousins not sure how many times removed, being the center of attention and so thoroughly spoilt with hugs and kisses. His personality is starting to emerge and giggles with it too. How much joy a little one brings. It’s lovely to know we were all once like that, and so very loved. 


Baby and man playing with toy octopus

You had me at pirate octopus with crinkly legs


Baby and man looking at a Christmas tree

So much to explore with Contract Malcolm


Baby being cuddled by man and woman

Loving his cuddles


Baby in daddy's arms

Daddy had to tear him away!


Chandelier in the hall

Photos under the Christmas tree in the hall


Pizza on a plate

Lunch and Christmas shopping in town


Ladies at Dartford road office

Aunty Ems turn to show off her nephew at Dartford Road


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